Hello, my name is Becky-Dee. I am a designer based in London and I make theatre to foster empathy, learning and community. Collaboration is essential to my process to develop honest visual storytelling and expression. My work varies from abstract to highly detailed, but within all of these worlds, I aim to develop an a specific atmosphere which is evocative, not didactic. Perhaps this is why I am drawn to work with movement or music as its core.

I trained at the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney, Australia and graduated with a Bachelor of Dramatic Art (Design). I moved to London in 2015, as a Drama Awardee from the BBMYS to explore the role of a designer in immersive and devised performance.

As a freelancer, I have been lucky enough to work with some with some incredible companies including Punchdrunk, Coney, Bazmark, Tangled Feet and Gecko Theatre.

Photo by Chrystal Ding

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